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Establishment section

The establishment section composed of a number of officers/positions and staffs appointed by the Vice-Chancellor. The responsibilities of this section are significant. This section maintain all confidential records of the university & documents, university seal, university properties, communicate the plan/program/schedule with dean of the faculties, receive & dispatch of official letter in campus and outreach and other activities assigned by the Vice-Chancellor under the university ordinance

Arif Ahammad Chowdhury

Additional Registrar Establishment Section
  880-1842542458  Add Building 1st floor

Md. Sadar Uddin

Additional Registrar Establishment Section
  880-1715715101  Add Building Ground floor

Md. Rakanazzaman

Assistant Registrar Establishment Section

Md. Nashir Uddin

Senior Assistant Director Establishment Section
  880-1713228527  Add Building Ground floor

Mst. Rajefa Khatun

Section Officer Establishment Section  

Md. Illus Razi

Section Officer Establishment Section  

Md. Nurul Amin

Section Officer Establishment Section